Cliff Jumping at Ricks Café in Negril, Jamaica

You know when you've been cooped up in the house for over a year and you've been envisioning what freedom looks and feels like... for some screaming on a mountaintop, jumping out of a helicopter, zip lining through a jungle or just an hour alone of peace with no one poking & prodding. We've all had plenty of time to dream up our ideal moments of exhilarating freedom and this was nothing short of that.


Ricks Cafe is something like a rite of passage when in Negril. It's just what you do. Find a cliff to jump off and make the most of it. Now more than ever cliff jumping was calling my name. It's safe to say that the normal trepidatious fears don't have as much stake in the brain as they did pre-covid. With so many constant stressors in the news this feels like a breeze. With every step and every breath there is utter appreciation for life and the gift that it is. And somehow eagerness in doing things you would have thought twice about before because they just don't carry so much weight anymore. It's all about living up the present moment. No better way than free falling in a turquoise gem oasis.

There are levels to this!

I believe 4. I started at level 2, then 3 and said, eh I'm good. The trick is to jump before you think. It's a matter of tricking your mind. A professional cliff jumper/  lifeguard so graciously showed me the ropes before I took the leap. Keep your arms to your side, body straight, jump with one foot and bring the other together to go down like an arrow (it hurts less this way). I can't say this was a success for me based on the, but hey I've always dreamt of flying so I had to try.



July 31, 2021 — Aysha Robinson