"Everyday statements for the modern woman".


Aysha louise invokes inspiring style, visionary designs, contemporary silhouettes and quality fabrics. We redefine perceptions of relevance & functionality with new and extensive opportunities of wearability for the modern woman.

Our collections highlight fresh elegance, clean lines and bold color! A contemporary womenswear brand thoughtfully designed to fill the need for women who desire to look and feel polished day to night no matter the occasion. Intermixing sophisticated and edgy aesthetics within our collections to maximize the range of styling from casual to elevated statements for each look; elevating style while meeting the demands of easy, transitional, year round wear.

We represent a space for women of any age to commune, encouraging women to embrace everyday with confidence!

Manufactured locally & ethically in the U.S., designed in Charleston, SC.

When you purchase Aysha louise, you invest in quality & support a black woman owned business.











The eponymous brand is fronted by 13+ year fashion industry Designer, Product Manager and Stylist, Aysha Robinson. She began selling her brand via pop up shopping events and online since 2017, with it's official collection debut in Fall 2019!


"Life in pursuit of love, love in pursuit of life."

— Aysha